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Guidelines and Practical Info

Guidelines for oral presenters

Contributed talks:

Max 15 minutes per presentation: it is recommended to aim for 12 minutes presentation leaving 3 minutes for questions.

Invited talks:

Max 30 minutes presentation slot  

All oral presenters:

  • The screen size of the projector in the conference room is 16:10 (with: 400cm  * hight: 250cm)
  • Please bring your presentation on a USB stick in Powerpoint format (for backup please also hand-in a copy in PDF format).
  • In the break ahead of your presentation: hand in your presentation to our assistant in the main hall "Marselis".
  • To avoid confusion: Name your presentation your “first name – last name”.

Guidelines for poster presenters

The size of the poster boards is 150 cm wide * 120 cm high. Thus, the boards accommodate vertical and horizontal orientations of A0, and we recommend that you bring an A0 size poster.

Upon arrival and registration, the staff at the Registration and Information Desk informs you about the location of your poster in the exhibition hall and they will provide you with powers strips so that you can mount your poster yourself.

OBS: You must bring your poster already printed as we do not have printing facilities.

One Minute Madness Pitches

The program includes two poster sessions. Your poster will be assigned a number and you will be allocated to present your posters at one of the poster sessions according to your poster number. Likewise, you will have the opportunity to engage with other participants posters at the other session.

To spark excitement to the poster session we start out with "one minute madness / oral poster pitches". Each poster presenter is given 60 seconds to advertise the contents of his/her poster.

Accompanying the 1-min oral presentation each presenter is asked to include one slide or one token.

Send email to ema@bio.au.dk no later than Friday, May 23 with attachement: one slide / one picture of your token for the One Minute Madness.

Email subject: EM-23 One Minute Madness “first name last name”; Slide / picture name: “first name last name”.

Helnan Marselis Hotel

The price of the conference includes all meals and two nights accomodation from 24-26 May 2023.

There is a beautiful beach and forest right next to the hotel. Don't forget appropriate clothes for outside breaks.

  • Room check in: 16.00
  • Room check out: 11.00 (the hotel can keep your luggage until you leave the hotel)
  • Free parking
  • Free wifi
  • Free access to small swimming pool, sauna and fitness

If you wish to book a room at the Conference venue Hotel Helnan for additional days, the hotel offers extra nights for conference participants at the favorable conference price.


Send e-mail: aarhus@helnan.com or phone: +45  86144411. Please refer to the booking number: 672190 & your name.


DKK 895 single room and DKK 1.095 for double room (prizes include breakfast and ocean view).

Using the city busses in Aarhus to Hotel Helnan

To buy ticket for the bus you can either download the Midttrafik app or buy tickets in the Midttrafik webshop.

The ride from Aarhus railway station (center) to the hotel is 2 zones.

If you wish to find another hotel in Aarhus for the additional days, please see https://www.visitaarhus.com/ln-int/aarhus/accommodation/hotels-and-inns.