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Panel 1. Pushing the boundaries of (audiovisual) translation studies: accessibility to live events

Audiovisual translation (AVT) has been pushing the boundaries of Translation Studies like no other TS domain and is itself faced with major challenges. These are related to the development of hybrid AVT forms linked to the growing importance of (research into) media accessibility in many different areas, such as internet, film and television, video games and various types of live events.

Research challenges and opportunities in accessible live events will therefore be the focus of this panel, which aims to gather scholars working on and with interdisciplinary methods, to tackle this diverse, relatively under-researched but quickly expanding field that is further stretching the notion of what can be considered to be “translation”.

At this stage, the terrain still needs to be charted. That is why we would like to invite scholars working on the accessibility or inclusive design of live events, ranging from theatre, ballet, and hybrid performances to sports events. A lot of progress is being made in all these fields, but with a high degree of variation in terms of the techniques and technologies used (audio-description, surtitling, sign-language, audio-introductions, audio-recordings, etc.) and in terms of the comprehensiveness of the events’ inclusive design. More research into all these areas is required for different reasons: to gain better insight into current practices and how they can be improved, to define the research methodologies required, and to gauge the interchangeability of research methods as well as possibilities for project research and collaboration.

We therefore invite contributions on all aspects of research on accessible live events, possibly highlighting connections with other areas of investigation within Translation Studies. Proposals could cover, but need not be limited to, the following issues:

  • Methods and models for interdisciplinary research into accessible live events
  • Analytical challenges, concepts and insights
  • Multi-party research collaboration for live events
  • End-user experiences: beyond individual practices
  • Research into accessible live events: a common ground?
  • Technological tools and challenges for research
  • Evaluating and streamlining technologies for live events access
  • Accessibility to live events in a diachronic perspective

Given the innovative nature of the research domain, the convenors would like to see this panel as the start of further collaboration between the participants as well as other researchers working in the field, and the development of an EST research group and/or COST project.

  • Name(s) of convener(s): Aline Remael, Elena Di Giovanni
  • Affiliation: University of Antwerp, Belgium - University of Macerata, Italy
  • Email address: aline.remael@uantwerpen.be, elena.digiovanni@unimc.it