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Practical information

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Welcome desk

Please register and collect your conference material at our Welcome Desk by the main entrance of the Lakeside Lecture Theatres. During the conference, the staff at the Welcome Desk will likewise assist you with whatever you need or any queries you may have.

Audio visual equipment

Each conference room will have:

  • a computer (with Windows 7, Office 2013, and Adobe Pro Reader)
  • a projector (with audio output)
  • microphones
  • boards (white, black or both)
  • pointers


You can connect your own laptop PC or Mac (from 2012 onwards) via these cable types: VGA, HDMI, or MINI DisplayPort. you can connect your own laptop PC or Mac (from 2012 onwards) via these cable types: VGA, HDMI, or MINI DisplayPort.  

Presentation formats & guidelines

  • Poster presentations
    The poster session grants researchers the chance to present their work in a visual format and offers excellent opportunities for interaction and discussion. Unlike some conferences where the role of the poster sessions is downplayed, we stress the importance and strengths of posters by offering two separate poster sessions with no parallel presentations. We encourage researchers attending with a poster to prioritise the visual benefits of the poster, thus downsizing the written presentation, in order to ensure discussion and interaction with fellow scholars. The best poster is awarded during the closing session on Saturday, 17 September.
    Poster dimensions
    Posters should not exceed the following dimensions: 120 cm wide x 160 cm tall (approx. 47 x 63 inches). Posters will be placed on a standard 120 x 160 cm poster board. 


    Instructions for displaying posters

    The person(s) presenting the poster must take responsibility for bringing it to the designated venue and displaying it in good time before the poster session begins. This means that, for those presenting a poster on Thursday, 15 September, you must ensure that your poster is in place the designated venue before the end of the coffee break (10.30-11.00). Posters can remain in this venue up until the lunch break on Friday, 16 September. It is your responsibility to remove the poster before the lunch break on Friday. Any poster still at the venue is removed and disposed of by the organisers.

    For those who are presenting a poster on Saturday, 17 September, you may hang up your poster in the designated venue from the lunch break on Friday until after the closing session on Saturday. It is your responsibility to remove the poster following the closing session; otherwise any posters still in the venue will be removed and disposed of by the organisers.

    Therefore, all posters are on display for a full day, giving all conference participants several opportunities to browse through the poster displays.

    All conference participants have the opportunity to vote for the best poster (online voting) and the winner(s) is announced during the closing session on Saturday, 17 September.

  • Oral paper presentations

    The paper presentations are 20 minutes in total, with a maximum of 15 minutes to present followed by a minimum of 5 minutes for discussion. The chairperson is instructed to keep close track of the presenters’ timing.

  • Speed presentations (5 mins) with networking (15 mins)

    This format gives researchers an opportunity to present their work in an untraditional way: researchers opting for this format are expected to engage in a five-minute speed presentation followed by 15 minutes for networking and discussion. The networking and discussion time is expressly intended to guarantee a dynamic approach. 

    Instructions for presentations
    Presenters are kindly requested to bring their presentation with them on a USB-key and to transfer the presentation in advance to the computer being used for the specific session. This means that presenters must come to their session in due time, so that all presentations are on the computer before the session begins. This is to ensure that all sessions run smoothly and on time. A representative from the conference organising committee is present to offer help and guidance with transferring presentations and any questions.

No smoking policy

The conference has a no smoking policy. We kindly ask smokers to use the designated smoking areas outside.

Emergency phone numbers

(+45 dialing code for Denmark)

  • Police, fire, ambulance (+45) 112
  • Falck rescue services (+45) 70 10 20 30
  • Police (+45) 87 31 14 48
  • Emergency room at Aarhus Hospital (+45) 70 11 31 31
  • Doctor, outside normal working hours - Emergency doctor service (Lægevagten) (+45) 70 11 31 31
  • Dentist, outside normal working hours (+45) 40 51 51 62
  • Chemists, outside normal hours (+45) 86 12 00 22


Electricity in Denmark is 230V AC. Plugs are European standard with two round pins.  

Banks and currency exchange

Bank and exchange offices are located in the city centre. The currency of Denmark is the Danish krone. While some shops do accept euros, we recommend that you exchange to the local currency. Most shops also accept major credit cards.

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 10.00-16.00
Thursday: 10.00-17.30
Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Currency exchange at Forex
The exchange rates are better and you do not pay a fee when buying foreign currency at Forex.
Address: Forex, Banegårdspladsen 20, 8000 Aarhus C, (+45) 8680 0340.

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 10.00-18.00
Saturday: 10.00-15.00

Credit card/cash points
Cash points accepting major credit cards are conveniently located all over the city.

Conference material

When you arrive at the conference, you will receive a conference pack that includes:

  • a name tag
  • a notepad
  • a pen
  • a programme outline with main sessions
  • a waterproof cape
  • a list of participants
  • a map of Aarhus and Aarhus University
  • a guide to Aarhus City

Wireless network

You can, free of charge, connect to the AU-Guest wireless network and/or Eudroam at the conference venue. Details are specified upon log-in.   

Coffee, tea and lunch

  • Thursday and Friday, lunch is served in the Social Sciences Canteen (building 1321) two minutes walk from the Lakeside Lecture Theatres.
  • Saturday, lunch is served at the Lakeside Lecture Theathres.
  • Coffee, tea, and refreshments are served at the Lakeside Lecture Theatres in the morning and afternoon.

Welcome reception

On Thursday, 15 September, the Welcome Reception is held at the Aula and the Museum of Ancient Art for all participants. The reception is hosted by the City of Aarhus and Aarhus University. Read more about the Reception in the Social Programme.


Conference dinner

The Conference Dinner takes place on Friday, 16 September, at Godsbanen, and is prepared by Spiselauget. Read more about the Dinner in the Social Programme.

Skovgaardsgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C
(Entrance 3a or 3h)  

Dining out in Aarhus and tipping

Most restaurants in Aarhus are open from 11.30 until midnight. However, hot meals are not normally served after 22.00. Gratuities are automatically included in the bills for service, meals etc. Tipping is optional.  


Most shops accept all major credit cards.

Typical opening hours stores:

Monday-Thursday: 10.00-18.00
Friday: 10.00-19.00
Saturday: 10.00-17.00
Sunday (first and last in each month): 11.00-16.00

Opening hours shopping centers:

Monday-Friday: 10.00-20.00
Saturday: 10.00-late afternoon/evening
Sunday: 10.00-late afternoon/evening

Most supermarkets close at 21.00 or 22.00.

Read more about opening hours here.