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This combined symposium and summer school will bring together researchers from physics, chemistry, materials science, and engineering. The objective is to create a broad, interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and results and identify outstanding problems. The conference is very ‘dense’, where everything takes place in the same building, facilitating discussions, exchange of ideas and the development of new collaborations.

A range of “hot-topics” will be discussed in a series of plenary invited talks and two panel discussions. Each speaker will electronically provide documentation of the most important basics and cutting edge research results to all participants. The documentation is available - for registered participants only - two weeks before the meeting. Two poster sessions will allow interaction between young and experienced scientists.


Key Topics

  • The present fossil fuel based energy system
  • Hydrogen society – state of the art
  • Carbon dioxide to fuel conversion
  • Solid state hydrogen storage
  • Hydrides as ion conductors – new types of batteries
  • Hydrides as multifunctional materials - new properties
  • New types of solid state storage materials combing Al-B-N
  • Solid-state storage tank, design and heat management