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Abstract template

Speakers must provide their abstract as a part of the registration process (you can edit the abstract up until 1 April 2019). The registration takes place within our Conference Manager system. See the registration page.

We ask you to use this LaTeX template for your abstract:

Fill in the needed details (please make sure to read the comments in the template);  make sure that the abstract compiles; after which you upload the LaTeX file in the Conference Manager system. As mentioned above, you can upload as many times as you want until 1 April 2019.

The template will ask for the following information:

  • Name of the presenter
    – can be specified with affiliation(s) in parenthesis, as in "Lars Madsen (Aarhus University)", please keep the affiliation(s) short, as in university name or abbreviation.
  • Title of presentation
  • Name(s) of collaborator(s) [can be left out]
    – the rules for affiliations apply here as well.
  • Abstract contents
  • If needed: a standalone bibliography

Using the template, will ease our futher processing of the abstract.

If you have any questions about the template, please contact Lars Madsen, daleif@math.au.dk.