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Art and urban spaces

Discussions on theoretical and practical approaches to urban regenerations, place-makings and socio-spatial interactions and distributions. The presentations incorporate interplay between spatial, social, environmental and economic impacts and analyses urban regeneration, social interaction and collective creativity in the public sphere. 



 09:00 – 10:30 - Room: Mødelokale 2

Mapping places and relations: representations of the city of Patras and its reflections in the academia through the art of cartography
By: Helene Simoni

- Reshaping Pafos: urban spaces and culture, people and governance as changing agents
By: Evanthia Dova, Angeliki Sivitanidou and Julia Georgi

- Re-thinking the value of historical art icons for new generations
By: Kristiane Marie Fjær Lindland


10:55 – 12:30 - Room: Mødelokale 2

- A temporary urban space with a `playing appeal´ in different cities and contexts
By: Lise Specht Petersen

- Evaluation impacts of cultural events in urban spaces (Urban Goods)
By: Peter Gran Boesen and Astrid Moth

Culture-led Urban Regeneration for the Creative Class in Greek Cities: Implications for the Geographies of Socio-Economic Crisis
By: Theodora Monioudi-Gavala and Theodore Koutsobinas


15:30 – 17:00 - Room: Mødelokale 2

- Inter Pares Project (IPP): Workshop
By: Julie Havelund-Willet