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Speakers Corner

The Speakers Corner is the main network area at Aarhus Power-to-X Symposium 2023. An interactive and dynamic network space where companies and researchers can set up stands, make a poster session and run a mini workshop on the mobile screens and white boards.

At the Speakers Corner you can meet and engage with leading companies, researchers, master students, experts and of course the speakers.

So whether you are looking to connect with new people, learn from experts, or expand your knowledge and skills, the Speakers Corner is a good place to do so.


Click the buttons to the right for more information about your Speakers Corner options.


Room 1 (Preben Hornung Stuen)

  • Stiesdal Hydrogen (company stand/roll-up)
  • Topsoe (company stand/roll-up)
  • Advanced Surface Plating / Hydrogen Pro (company stand/roll-up)
  • GreenLab (company stand/roll-up)
  • Soren Scott, Imperial College London (poster)
  • Circulair, Patrick Biller, Aarhus University (poster)
  • Rohit Gaikwad, Elplatek (poster)
  • Monisha Anand, Aarhus University (poster)
  • Arman Fathollahi, Aarhus University (poster)
  • The Kitchen, Aarhus University &  VPX - Villum P2X Accellerator VPX (stand/roll-up)
  • Monisha Anand, Aarhus University (poster)
  • Nicholaas Engelbrecht, Aarhus University (poster)
  • Syft Technololgies (company stand/roll-up)
  • Fateme Rezaie, Aarhus University (poster)


Room 2 (Richard Mortensen Stuen)

  • COWI (company stand/roll-up)
  • Eltronic Fuel Technology (company stand/roll-up)
  • European Energy Partners (company stand/roll-up)
  • Danish Technological Institute (company stand/roll-up)
  • Fagerberg (company stand/roll-up)
  • Siemens (company stand/roll-up)
  • Silhorko-Eurowater (company stand/roll-up)
  • Vestas (company stand/roll-up)
  • Aarhus School of Marine & Technical Engineering (AMMS)
  • Innomission Green Fuel
  • Bela Sebok, DGC (poster)
  • Adam Dvorak, Aarhus University (poster)
  • Albert Pujol, COWI / Aalborg University (poster)
  • Ali Saad, Aarhus University (poster)
  • Henrik Lund, AAU
  • Behzad Partoon, Aarhus University (poster)