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The 15th International CDIO Conference

The 15th international CDIO conference will be held at Aarhus University from 25 June 2019 to 27 June 2019 with activities on 24 and 28 June. The main theme of the 15th International CDIO Conference was in Engineering Education. 

The conference programme will included:

  • Keynotes
  • General presentations
  • Working groups
  • Workshops
  • Round tables
  • Social events
  • CDIO Academy (A CDIO experience for students)

Thank you for all of you who made this conference a great experience. Below you can find a short video from the conference:

Ticket purchase/registration is closed.

It is not possible to purchase tickets at the venue. 

Thank you, to our sponsor:

MathWorks - Makers of MATLAB and Simulink

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