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What is the VAT number of Aarhus University?

The VAT number of Aarhus University is DK-31119103

How do I get an invitation letter needed to facilitate the processing of visas and/or travel funds?

Please write to the conference organisers at cdio2019@au.dk with the word Invitation in the subject line.

For an Academy invitation, send an email to cdioacademy2019@au.dk with the word Invitation in the subject line.

The invitations will be sent to you as soon as possible within regular Danish working hours. Any application processes not completed in due time is not the responsibility of the organisers.

Which currency is recommended to use in Denmark? Can I pay with euros everywhere? Or is it better to have DKK?

In most major stores, you can use euros. However, there is no guarantee. Furthermore, the exchange rate is usually very poor.

We suggest you use DKK. If you have euros, there is a financial services company specialising in currency exchange services, FOREX Bank, close to the railway station. The commission fee is DKK 50.