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NEWS: Application processing

All applicants have now been informed about their participation. Please contact us, if you have applied and not been informed or if you wish to apply for the late participation round/stand-by list.

The next steps is an email later in April informing about participation details, followed by an email in May informing about group formations, allocated challenge, and first steps of ‘Conceiving’.

What is the CDIO Academy?

The CDIO Academy is an opportunity for engineering students that are active at CDIO institutions, to showcase their design-implement projects, meet their peers from engineering programs around the world, and participate in workshops and plenary sessions presented by prominent leaders in engineering education.

The CDIO Academy takes place alongside the CDIO conference and there is a specific program for the participants of the CDIO Academy.

If you have questions, contact the Academy: CDIOAcademy2019@au.dk

During the conference, it is possible to go observe the work of the CDIO students Tuesday to Thursday from 9:00 to 16:30 at Navitas, Inge Lehmanns Gade 10, DK-8000 Aarhus. 

What is the CDIO Academy 2019 about?

The CDIO Academy at Aarhus University invites you to participate in our innovation challenge with the theme CHANGE.

Together with students from around the world you are invited to participate in a case challenge with the steps of: Conceiving, Innovating, Designing, and Operating.

For the CDIO Academy 2019, the headline is Change the Business – Change the world. The idea is that the participants in the Academy work with the basic resource WATER in accordance to the overall CHANGE agenda.


The cases focus on "Innovation in Clean Water & Sanitation in the world", as proposed in the UN Sustainable Development of the World: Goal 6 – Clean Water & Sanitation. Water is the third most critical resource in the world.  


You can apply by filling in the application form here. One application per student. The participation fee is 1200 DKK

The Academy participation fee includes lunch and other refreshments Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Furthermore, it includes the welcoming reception on Monday, a working dinner on Tuesday, and conference dinner on Wednesday.

The fee does not include accommodation, transportation, or meals outside programme hours. Read more about the student-friendly accommodation option here.

Selection criteria

If more than 40 students apply, the following criteria will be used in the selection:

  • As many countries as possible
  • As many engineering programmes as possible
  • As good an argumentation for the application as possible
  • An as even as possible gender balance


The CDIO challenge takes place during the CDIO conference at Aarhus University, Denmark, from 24–27 June beginning with online teamwork from the 19 May 2019.

During the conference, the CDIO Academy challenge works in an area which is designed for the teams and with access to labs. Before the conference, each participant does his or her preparation at home in collaboration with the rest of the team and an Aarhus University supervisor by Skype meetings. When arriving at Aarhus and in the Academy challenge area the teams get their own workspace.

What is CDIO in the CDIO Academy and Challenge?

CDIO is a framework for designing the optimal engineering educations. CDIO intends not only to design courses but also to train mindsets. CDIO is an abbreviation of Conceiving — Designing — Implementing — Operating (CDIO). The whole CDIO conference is based on the CDIO Concept regarding the education of engineers, Syllabus 2.0. If you want to read more, see http://cdio.org/framework-benefits/cdio-syllabus

For the CDIO Academy and Innovation Challenge, it is basically the innovation process in the CDIO Concept that is in our focus. Conceiving, Designing, Implementing, and Operating systems in the enterprise, societal and environmental context – and the innovation process.