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Information for presenters

Upload of Power Point Presentation
You have the possibility to send your presentation ahead of the start of the conference. We will have a Speaker Ready Room in the tent during the whole conference where you can check your presentation, upload, make changes or upload a new one. Our crew will ensure that your presentation is saved in the correct file i.e. the correct sub-session and correct time slot. Presentations must be compatible with Power Point. Do not send pdf-files.

Send your file to cigr@eng.au.dk

The maximum size of the file is 35 MB so please be aware of large videos, figures and pictures. There is no limit if you upload at the Speaker Ready Room, but large files may take a long time to load when you have to present.

Your file must be denoted with the number of the sub-session, day, starting-hour of the sub-session, surname of the presenter and first word of the title.


“26 Mon 13 Fernandez Analysis”; “25 Tue 16 Nyord Ammonia”; “117 Wed 8 Dyrmann Pixel”


You have got an email specifying at which time your poster should be manned. Poster viewing is also possible during breaks, particularly the lunch break. We ask you to allocate some time to be available at your poster stand for questions and discussions during these breaks. Please mount your poster on the scheduled day latest at noon Monday or latest in the morning Tuesday or Wednesday. Posters cannot be displayed during the entire conference - they are changed each day and therefore we ask you to take down your poster the same day. Posters not taken down by the end of the day will be removed by our students and may not be available for later pick up.

Your poster must be in English. The size of your poster: width 95 cm and height 110 cm (portrait, not landscape). Your poster-ID number indicates the position of the display board. Magnets will be available for mounting of your poster.


The obligations that comes with chairing a sub-session are:

  • Make yourself acquainted with the abstracts of the session (or maybe the full paper if you like)
  • Get in contact with all the speakers just before the session starts.
  • Inform the speakers that they have strictly 15 minutes for their presentation including questions (a few keynote papers of 30 minutes).
  • Present the title of the paper and introduce the speaker in just two sentences.
  • Keep the time so that delegates can switch between sub-sessions.
  • Get the discussion going at the end of the session if it is scheduled. Be ready to ask the first question yourself. Some sub-sessions are fully booked with presentations and then all questions must be handled within the presenters window of time.  

All presentations will be ready when you enter the room and a student will take care of the technical part.


The obligations that comes with speaking at a sub-session are:

  • Make sure that your presentation is either sent ahead or uploaded at the Speakers Ready Room.
  • Introduce yourself to the moderator before the sub-session starts.
  • You have strictly 15 minutes for your presentation including questions (a few keynote papers got 30 minutes).
  • There may be a scheduled slot for a general discussion at the end of the sub-session whereby questions can be postponed until then. 

All presentations will be ready when you enter the room and a student will take care of the technical part.