Aarhus University Seal

Travel within Aarhus

To walk from the centre of the city to the university takes approximately 30 minutes.

However, if you prefer, several bus services are available to the University.

  • Read this article from "Into Denmark" to find out "How to take the bus in Aarhus". This article is useful to learn about the buses in Aarhus, but may not have up to date prices for tickets.

Bus Timetables

Aarhus city bus timetables can be found online on the Midttrafik website or you can use the Rejseplanen (available in English) online journey planner to search for suitable buses. The closet bus stop to the conference venue is "Århus Sygehus, Nørrebrogade/Hovedindgang". There are several bus routes from the city centre (1A, 12, 13, 14, 18) to this stop.

Bus Tickets

A single ticket bought on a bus (ticket machine at the back, coins only) is valid for 2 hours of travel and will cost:

Zones Price DKK
1-2 20
3 28
4 37

The University and the hotels listed on this site are all in Zone 1, the centre of the City.

A multi-ride 'klippekort' (see above) can be bought in most newsagents for 140 DKK, which allows 10 journeys within zones 1 & 2 (which includes the University). The 'klippekort' is not personal and can be used for a group of people travelling together. One clip is valid for 2 hours. On entering the bus (at the back) you should clip the "klippekort" in the small yellow machine (for each person in your group) before taking a seat on the bus.

Note: Ticket prices are correct as of May 2013.


Denmark is an ideal country for cycling. There are not many (very) steep hills and there are many safe cycling paths. Urban conditions for cyclists are constantly being improved. Look out for the special cyclists’ routes (cykelruter) and cycle paths (cykelstier).