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Tourist links

There are many beautiful things to see and experience in Aarhus. For further information, please visit http://www.visitaarhus.com/ln-int/denmark/tourist-in-aarhus

Some of the top attractions are:

Den gamle by (The old town museum)
The old town museum is a National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture. The attraction has been awarded three Michelin stars. It is a living and breathing experience of what it was like to live and work in a Danish market town, as it was in the old days.

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
ARoS is the main art museum in Aarhus and one of the largest museums in Northern Europe. On the roof of ARoS you can also visit Your rainbow panorama from here you can move around in a 150 meter long, circular panoramic path with 360º views of the surrounding city. ARoS has two Michelin-stars in the Michelin attraction's guide.

Moesgaard Museum
Prehistory presented innovatively in a breathtaking architectural setting makes for a world-class museum experience when you visit the Moesgaard Museum. The past becomes alive and the people in the exhibits will step forward and provide the visitors with a better understanding of the past and how we arrived at where we are in the present.

Tivoli Friheden
Tivoli Friheden is Aarhus' theme park located within walking distance from the city centre in the beautiful Marselisborg Forest. You will find 4 roller coasters, 40 rides, stalls, games and playgrounds.

Tropical Houses of the Botanical Garden
The new Greenhouses in the Botanical Gardens are ready to welcome you inside, where numerous plant collections are presented in four different climate zones.

Aarhus 2017 - European Capital of Culture
Welcome to European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017. This is our conversation with the world, an exchange of open and inspired cultural richness expressed in language, sport, education, the arts and much more. When entering the website you can find the entire programme in the programme book.

When in Aarhus, it is also easy to reach other attractions, for instance:

Scandinavian Wildlife Park

Randers Rainforest
When stepping into Randers Regnskov you immediately find yourself being in a completely different world where the air is warm and humid and filled with the sounds of cascading waterfalls and calls from the many free-living monkeys and birds. Bats and sloths are hanging in the canopies right above you, while the leafcutter ants are working untiringly dragging heavy pieces of leafs down to their underground resident. Nearby the manatees swim calmly among the catfish and pacus, seemingly without a care in their life. Randers Regnskov is a living ecosystem under constant change which is why there is always something new to experience – a unique place for children and adults of all ages.