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Preparing your camera-ready submission

Camera-ready versions of all submissions must be submitted both to PCS (which you used for your initial submission) and The ACM Production System (TAPS).

  • Submission to PCS should happen by August 15th, via the "Edit final version" option on your existing submission at https://new.precisionconference.com/submissions.
  • Submission to TAPS should happen by August 22nd, but we recommend submitting as soon as possible. Corresponding authors on accepted papers have been contacted by TAPS staff by email. If you have submitted your eRight forms, but not received a TAPS invitation within the next few days, you should contact us.

For preparing your camera-ready submission in TAPS, use the same single column format (either in Latex or in Word) that you submitted your initial submission. Please follow the formatting instructions in the template. During the TAPS process a single-column submission is transformed automatically to a double-column one. Note that instead of previously informed "author year" citation and reference format, please use the numbered citation (i.e., [3]) style for the final camera-ready paper. Note also that all submissions must adhere to ACM’s guidelines on accessible PDFs: http://www.sigaccess.org/welcome-to-sigaccess/resources/accessible-pdf-author-guide/. TAPS staff may also ask you to make additional changes, so follow their instructions. Once your paper has been successfully processed, you will have the opportunity to review and resubmit it to fix any issues introduced by the reformatting (e.g., to adjust figure sizing and placement). You can also add supplementary material (e.g., video, data sets, code etc.) to your submission that is submitted in TAPS.

Note also that visual and audio materials must also be made accessible. For instance, videos must have captions describing both the audio and the visuals.

Kind regards,
Niels Olof & Minna
NordiCHI’22 Proceedings Chairs