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NordiCHI 2022 welcomes researchers, industry, art and design practitioners to submit their work to the Demos track. The track invites interactive art and design installations, interface or system demonstrations, tangible prototypes and other interactive experiences that critically or creatively explore the conference themes and provoke discussions around novel technologies.

The track is open to all exploratory, provocative, innovative and ambitious contributions from industry, research, startups, maker communities, the arts, and design. If you have an interesting prototype, device, system, exhibit or installation, we want to know about it. The NordiCHI 2022 conference is a perfect venue for demonstrating your work to the community and beyond!

Important dates

•    Submission deadline: June 1st, 2022 (16h CET)

•    Notification deadline July 1st, 2022

•    Camera-ready deadline: August 15 2022 (16h CET)

This year we have two types of submissions for the track - installations and demos. Installations are complex exhibits that require particular space, equipment or lighting conditions. Demonstrations are for self-contained exhibits with logistically simple requirements.


  • The demo submission should include:
    • an extended abstract paper (2 pages max) in the ACM standard single-column format, excluding references. It should be self-contained and clearly describe the novelty and distinguishing ideas of your project (for publication).
    • a still image representing your work of at least 1500 x 1200 px (for publication).
    • a supplementary file with a setup description, e.g., a textual description and/or a (mock-up) photo of the demonstration showing the envisioned setup (demo hardware components, tables, chairs, lights, and other equipment). Label and annotate the image(s) so organizers get a good understanding of your setup.
    • an accompanying video no longer than three minutes (optional but highly recommended for dissemination purposes).
  • Submissions should NOT be anonymised
  • All materials must be submitted electronically to PCS by the deadline. In PCS, first click “Submissions” at the top of the page, from the dropdown menus select “SIGCHI”, “NordiCHI 2022” and the track you want to submit to.
  • Submissions can be up to two pages long (excluding references) in the ACM standard single-column format – template information here

Selection Process

The selection process for Demos is curated, that is, selected by an esteemed committee, but not sent out to external reviewers. The curated demo content will be selected from demonstration submissions, accepted papers, as well as projects invited by the demo chairs. 

Authors will not receive formal feedback on their submission, other than the selection decision.


Accepted demo submissions will be included in the ACM Digital Library as part of the NordiCHI 2022 Adjunct Proceedings. 

Presentation Format

Accepted demos will be presented during the NordiCHI 2022 conference. Details regarding demonstrations will be provided with the acceptance notification.

Chairs: Germán Leiva & Jens Emil Grønbæk

Contact: demos@nordichi2022.org