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Wednesday Poster Session

Wednesday 26th June, 12:30-15:30

We-T2-24 Fragmentation of H2O molecules induced by 46 keV/u N+ and N2+ projectiles
S. T. S. Kovacs, P. Herczku, Z. Juhász, B. Sulik
We-T2-28 Total cross sections for the double ionization of oriented water molecule
D. Oubaziz, C. Champion, H. Aouchiche
We-T2-29 Monte-Carlo simulations of the electron-ion radiative recombination in the electron cooler plasma.
D. Banas, P. Jagodziński, M. Pajek, C. Brandau, A. Gumberidze, C. Kozhuharov, A. Surzhykov, Th. Stöhlker
We-T2-30 Cross sections for electron scattering by dimethyl-ether
L. Mu-Tao,
We-T2-31 Momentum distribution for proton-H collisions at 50 keV projectile energy.
A. Amaya-Tapia, A. Antillon
We-T2-32 Change of a range of impact parameters with growth of a delay time between stages of Lindeman mechanism of an ionic recombination
V. Azriel, L. Yu. Rusin
We-T2-33 Ionization and fragmentation of methane by fast proton projectiles
I. Toth, L. Gulyas, L. Nagy
We-T2-34 Relativistic evaluation of inner-shell vacancy-production probabilities in low-energy ion-atom collisions
Y. S. Kozhedub, I.I.Tupitsyn, V.M. Shabaev, G. Plunien S. Hagmann,Th. Stöhlker
We-T2-35 Observation Of Resonances In Penning Ionization Reactions At Sub-Kelvin Temperatures In Merged Beams
A. B. Henson, S. Gersten, Y. Shagam, J. Narevicius, E. Narevicius
We-T3-3 Resonant vibrational-excitation electron-O2 cross sections and rate constants
V. Laporta, R. Celiberto, J. Tennyson
We-T3-4 Collision strengths for electron-impact excitation of Ni III
J. L. Nolte, C. A. Ramsbottom, M. P. Scott
We-T3-5 Towards electron-impact dissociation dynamics of biologically relevant molecules in a reaction microscope
T. Pflueger, X. Ren, M. Weyland, A. Arndt, W. Baek, H. Rabus, A. Dorn
We-T3-6 Absorption effects in electron scattering by CH3F
L. E. Machado, J. R. Ferraz, A. S. dos Santos
We-T3-7 (e,3e) and (e,3-1e) for the double ionization of thymine
A. Mansouri, M.F.Khelladi, C. Dal Cappello
We-T3-9 Using Dissociative Electron Attachment as a Fingerprinting Tool to Detect Explosives
J. Postler, M. M. Goulart, C. Matias, A. Mauracher, F. Ferreira da Silva, P. Scheier, P. Limão-Vieira, S. Denifl
We-T3-10 Fully differential cross section calculations for electron impact ionization of methane
I. Toth, L. Nagy
We-T3-11 Recombination of open-4f-shell W18+ ions with free electrons
S. Schippers, K. Spruck, N. R. Badnell, C. Krantz, A. Becker, D. Bernhardt, M. Grieser, M. Hahn, O. Novotný, R. Repnow, D. W. Savin, A. Wolf, A. Müller
We-T3-12 Electron-impact induced fluorescence - a versatile method in modern spectroscopy
A. Knie, A. Hans, A. Ehresmann
We-T3-14 Triple Differential Cross Section For Electron Impact Ionization of H2 and N2 Molecules
M. Dogan, Z. N. Ozer, H. Chaluvadi, M. Ulu, D. Madison
We-T3-25 Second order Born calculations of the coplanar to perpendicular plane ionization cross sections of xenon atoms
G. Purohit, P. Singh, V. Patidar
We-T4-21 Autoionization of molecular hydrogen: where do the Fano lineshapes go?
A. Palacios, J. Feist, A. González-Castrillo, J. L. Sanz-Vicario, F. Martín
We-T4-22 The role of intramolecular scattering in K-shell ionization
A. Palacios, K. Ueda, C. Mirón, E. Plésiat, L. Argenti, M. Patanen, K. Kooser, D. Ayuso, S. Mondal, M. Kimura, K. Sakai, O. Travnikova, P. Decleva, E. Kukk, F. Martín
We-T4-23 Coulomb interaction in multiphoton ionization of Iodine-containing molecules
N. Gerken, S. Klumpp, M. Dell’Angela, W. Wurth, M. Martins
We-T4-24 Two and three-photon double ionization of lithium
M. Schuricke, C. Dornes, G. Armstrong, J. Colgan, A. Kheifets, J. Ullrich, A. Dorn
We-T4-25 Investigation of the absorption structure of K-shell excited terpenes and their subsequent fragment fluorescence decay
B. Kambs, K. Jänkälä, A. Knie, P. Schmidt, A. Hans, A. Ehresmann
We-T4-26 The Pixel Imaging Mass Spectrometry sensor - functionality, performance, and a variety of applications
A. Lauer, B. Winter, E. Halford, C. S. Slater, S. Blake, J. W. L. Lee, C. Vallance, M. Brouard, L. Christensen, J. H. Nielsen, H. Stapelfeldt, J. J. John, L. Hill, A. Nomerotski, R. Nickerson, I. Sedgwick, A. Clark, J. Crooks, R.Turchetta
We-T4-29 SAPHIRA - A new Storage ring in Aarhus for PHoton Ion Reaction Analysis
H. Kiefer, H. Bechtold, H, Kjeldsen, A. Svendsen, E. Søndergaard, J. Toker, H. B. Pedersen, L. H. Andersen
We-T5-21 Relativistic calculations of M-shell yields in Zn, Cd and Hg
J. M. Sampaio, F. Parente, P. Indelicato, J. P. Marques
We-T5-22 Accurate calculations of atomic properties for boron- and carbon-like ions of astrophysical interest
L. B. Karlsson, J. Ekman, S. Gustafsson, H. Hartman, R. du Rietz, P. Jönsson
We-T5-23 The first ionization potential of astatine measured by in-source laser spectroscopy: a graphical approach for the analysis of Rydberg series
S. Rothe, V.N. Fedosseev, D.A. Fink, N. Imai, B.A. Marsh, R.E. Rossel, M.D. Seliverstov, A.M. Sjödin, K.D.A. Wendt
We-T5-26 A Bell-Bloom experiment with polarization-modulated light
I. Fescenko, E. Breschi, P. Knowles, A. Weis
We-T5-27 Investigation of Nb I spectrum in the IR wavelength range
A. Er, I. K. Öztürk, Gö. Başar, S. Kröger, R.Ferber, M. Tamanis
We-T5-28 New experimental hyperfine structure constants of high-lying even-parity levels of vanadium
F. Guzelcimen, Gö. Başar, I. Kanat Öztürk, Ş. Şeninak, S. Kröger, R. Ferber, M. Tamanis, Gü. Başar
We-T5-29 Relativistic effects on hyperfine structures in light atoms and negative ions estimated from non-relativistic MCHF orbitals
T. Carette, N. Aourir, A. Touat, J. Li, M. Nemouchi, M. Godefroid
We-T5-30 Electronic factors for isotope shifts
T. Carette, J. Li, C. Nazé, S. Fritzsche, P. Jönsson, M. Godefroid
We-T8-22 Action of optical frequency comb on K 770 nm resonance line
G. Pichler, M. Rakic
We-T8-23 Time-dependent complete-active-space self-consistent field method for multielectron dynamics in intense laser fields
T. Sato, K. L. Ishikawa
We-T8-24 Assisted photoemission delays in Argon: current status and perspectives
T. Carette, J. M. Dahlström, L. Argenti, E. Lindroth
We-T8-25 A Time-Dependent R-Matrix Approach for Molecular Systems
S. Hutchinson, J. Tennyson
We-T8-27 Exploring sub-cycle ionization dynamics with orthogonally polarized two-color laser pulses
S. Grafe, L. Zhang, X. Xie, S. Roither, D. Kartashov, M. Schöffler, D. Shafir, P. B. Corkum, A. Baltuška, A. Staudte, M. Kitzler-Zeiler
We-T8-28 Tracing attosecond bound electronic dynamics by sub-cycle electron wavepacket interferometry
X. Xie, S. Roither, D. Kartashov, D. G. Arbo, E. Persson, S. Gräfe, M. Schöffler, A. Baltuska, J. Burgdörfer, M. Kitzler
We-T8-29 Controlling the fragmentation of aligned polyatomic molecules by selective inner-valence ionization
X. Xie, K. Doblhoff-Dier, H. Xu, S. Roither, A. Iwasaki, S. Erattuphuza, M. Schöffler, D. Kartashov, K. Yamanouchi, A. Baltuška, S. Gräfe, M. Kitzler
We-T8-30 Controlling isomerization and fragmentation of polyatomic molecules by laser-sub-cycle electron recollision
X. Xie, K. Doblhoff-Dier, S. Roither, M. Schöffler, D. Kartashov, H. Xu, T. Rathje, G.G.Paulus, A. Baltuška, S. Gräfe, M. Kitzler
We-T8-31 The role of attosecond electronic coherence in molecular dissociation
L. Medisauskas, S. Patchkovskii, M. Ivanov
We-T8-41 Spectral dependence of molecular frame photoemission in dissociative ionization of HD induced by circularly polarized light.
K. Veyrinas, N. Saquet, S. Marggi Poullain, M. Lebech, D. Dowek
Moved from the Friday poster session (Fr-T8-41)
We-T10-1 New Frontiers in Atomic, Molecular, and Cluster Science with the New Seeded Free Electron Laser FERMI@ELETTRA
O. Plekan, N.Brauer, C.Callegari, M.Coreno, M.Devetta, M.Di Fraia, M.Drabbels, P.Finetti, C.Grazioli, R.Katzy, A.Laforge, V.Lyamayev, T.Mazza, S.Mondal, K.Motomura, T.Möller, P.O’Keeffe, Y.Ovcharenko, P.Piseri, K.C.Prince, R.Richter, F.Stienkemeier, S.Stranges, K.Ue
We-T10-2 Ehrenfest's theorem and the validity of the two-step model for strong-field ionization
N. I. Shvetsov-Shilovskiy, D. Dimitrovski, L. B. Madsen
We-T10-3 Relativistic effects in strong-field double ionization
E. Lotstedt, K. Midorikawa
We-T10-4 Dual Kinetic Balance Method in Finite Basis Set Expansions for Dirac Equation with Axial Symmetry
E. Rozenbaum, V. M. Shabaev, Ksenia E. Sosnova, Dmitry A. Telnov
We-T10-5 Exterior complex scaling method in TDDFT: MPI and HHG of Ar atoms in strong laser fields
K. E. Sosnova, D. A. Telnov, E. Rozenbaum, S.-I Chu
We-T10-6 Hermite spline-based approach to calculations of charge transfer probabilities in heavy-ion collisions
I. A. Maltsev, G.B. Deyneka, I.I. Tupitsyn, V.M. Shabaev, Y.S. Kozhedub, G. Plunien, Th. Stöhlker
We-T10-7 Time-dependent interference prior to ionization in the hydrogen atom and hydrogen molecular ion
A. de la Calle, D. Dundas, K.T. Taylor
We-T10-8 Two-photon double ionization of molecular hydrogen in the direct regime
A. S. Simonsen, S. A. Sørngård, R. Nepstad, M. Førre
We-T10-10 Femtosecond Time-Resolved Imaging of Torsion in a Chiral Molecule using PImMS
L. Christensen, C. S. Slater, A. Lauer, S. Blake, J. H. Nielsen, M. Brouard, H. Stapelfeldt
We-T11-8 Dynamics of guiding of Ne7+ and Ar7+ ions through nano- and microcapillary arrays
P. Herczku, Z. Juhász, S.T.S. Kovács, R. Rácz, S. Biri, J Pálinkás, B. Sulik
We-T11-9 Two-electron vacuum-polarization corrections to the hyperfine splitting in Li-like bismuth
O. V. Andreev, D. A. Glazov, A. V. Volotka, V. M. Shabaev, G. Plunien
We-T11-10 Zeeman splitting of the ground and excited states of boron-like argon
D. A. Glazov, A. V. Volotka, V. A. Agababayev, A. A. Schepetnov, M. M. Sokolov, V. M. Shabaev, I. I. Tupitsyn, G. Plunien
We-T11-11 Schottky methods for atomic physics experiments at GSI’s and FAIR’s storage ring facilities
C. Trageser, C. Brandau, C. Kozhuharov, Y. Litvinov, A. Müller, F. Nolden, S. Sanjari, T. Stöhlker
We-T11-12 Metrology with Cold Highly Charged Ions in the cryogenic linear Paul trap CryPTEx
O. O. Versolato, M. Schwarz, A. Windberger, J. Ullrich, P. O. Schmidt, M. Drewsen, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia
We-T14-1 Electron emission from HOPG due to highly charged ion impact
K. Dobes, E. Bodewits, R. Hoekstra, F. Aumayr
We-T14-2 The effect of conductivity on ion guiding through tapered insulating capillaries
E. Gruber, P. Allinger, S. Wampl, P. Hischenhuber, M.J. Simon, F. Aumayr
We-T14-3 Atomic chemisorption on graphene with Stone-Thrower-Wales defects
L. Chen, H. Hu, Yu. Ouyang, H.Z. Pan, Y.Y. Sun, F. Liu
We-T14-4 Reactivity of bimetallic surface alloys: H2 adsorption on PdxRu1-x/Ru(0001)
C. Diaz, M. Ramos, F. Martín, A. E. Martínez, H. F. Busnengo
We-T14-5 Elastic Response of Graphene Nanodomes
C. Diaz, D. Stradi, S. Koch, E. Gnecco, S. Barja, A. Kawai, M. Alcamí, F. Martín, A. L. Vázquez de Parga, R. Miranda, Th. Glatzel, E. Meyer
We-T14-6 Charge transfer between molecules and metal surfaces covered with ultrathin insulating films
S. Diaz-Tendero, M. Robledo, F. Martín, M. Alcamí
We-T16-1 Towards high sensitivity rotation sensing using an atom chip
C. L. Garrido Alzar, W. Yan, A. Landragin
We-T16-2 An Optical Clock Based on a Single Trapped Ra+ Ion
E. A. Dijck, A. Mohanty, M. Nuñez Portela, O. Böll, S. Hoekstra, K. Jungmann, C.J.G. Onderwater, R.G.E. Timmermans, L. Willmann, H.W. Wilschut
We-T16-3 Molecular tomographic interferometry
J. Fiedler, S. Scheel
We-T16-4 Pushing the limits of an atom gravimeter
T. Farah, C. Guerlin, A. Landragin, S. Merlet, F. Pereira Dos Santos
We-T16-5 Measurement of the He-McKellar-Wilkens and Aharonov-Casher topological phases by atom interferometry
J. Vigue, J. Gillot, S. Lepoutre, A. Gauguet, M. Büchner
We-T18-20 Towards understanding of the spin-orbit interaction in the A1(SIGMA)+~b3(PI) complex of KRb: spectroscopic observations and deperturbation analysis
E. A. Pazyuk, A.V.Stolyarov, A.Brasovs, A.Kruzins, M.Tamanis, R.Ferber
We-T18-21 Localizing Trapped Ions in an Intracavity Optical Lattice
R. B. Linnet, I. D. Leroux, M. Marciante, A. Dantan, M. Drewsen
We-T18-22 Magnetic Field Control for Ultracold Strontium Experiments
C. C. Kwong, P. Mysore Srinivas, Z. Yi Chia, T. Yang, F. Leroux, K. Pandey, D. Wilkowski, R. Pierrat, D. Delande
We-T18-23 Adiabatic Cooling of Single Trapped Ions: Towards Ultra-cold Chemistry and Molecular Spectroscopy
G. Poulsen, M. Drewsen
We-T18-24 First measurement of the re-absorption cross section for cold atoms in the multiple scattering regime
R. Romain, H. Louis, D. Hennequin, P. Verkerk
We-T18-25 Synchronization in a conservative optical lattice
J. Diaz-Luque, D. Hennequin, P. Verkerk
We-T18-26 Suppression of anisotropic interaction between ultracold polar molecules
D. Borsalino, R. Vexiau, M. Lepers, M. Aymar, N. Bouloufa-Maafa, O. Dulieu
We-T18-27 Decelerating, trapping, and cooling of SrF for fundamental precision measurements
S. Mathavan, J. E. van den Berg, C. Meinema, T. Nijbroek, K. Jungmann, L. Willmann, S. Hoekstra
We-T18-28 Influence of dipole-dipole interatomic interactions on the process of spontaneous decay of an atom embedded in a cold atomic cloud
A. S. Kuraptsev, I. M. Sokolov
We-T20-1 Behavior of bosons composed of entangled fermions
M. C. Tichy, P. A. Bouvrie, K. Mølmer
We-T20-2 An effective tunneling description
C. K. Andersen, K. Mølmer
We-T20-3 Storage and Non-Collinear Retrieval of Orbital Angular Momentum of Light in Cold Atoms
L. Pruvost, R. A. de Oliveira, P. S. Barbosa, D. Felinto, D. Bloch, J. W. R. Tabosa
We-T20-5 Image storage by EIT in a doped solid for up to one minute
S. Mieth, G. Heinze, T. Halfmann
We-T20-6 Cavity optomechanics of single ions and ion coulomb crystals
H. Harhoff Andersen, P. Herskind, I. Chuang, A. Dantan, M. Drewsen
We-T20-7 Cerium ions as a quantum state probe for rare earth quantum computing
J. Karlsson, Y. Yan, L. Rippe, A. Walther, D. Serrano, D. Lindgren, M.-E. Pistol, S. Kröll, A. Ferrier, P. Goldner, L. Zheng, J. Xu
We-T20-8 Quantum memory for light using an ion Coulomb crystal in an optical cavity
O. Legrand, T. Lauprêtre, R. B. Linnet, I. D. Leroux, A. Dantan, M. Drewsen
We-T20-9 The quantum computer game: citizen science
J. F. Sherson, S. D. Hansen, K. Mølmer
We-T20-10 Fisher-like atomic divergences: mathematical grounds and physical applications
J. C. Angulo, A. L. Martín, J. Antolín