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Friday Poster Session

Friday 28th June, 12:30-15:30

Fr-T1-2   Quantum Optics Effects in Astrophysics.
This poster will now be presented on Tuesday Tu-T1-2.
Fr-T1-3   Interaction of Oxygen (X,3P) atom with graphenic-like surfaces for astrophysical applications.
This poster will now be presented on Tuesday Tu-T1-3.
Fr-T1-4 Fragmentation dynamics of excited ionized polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
M. Alcami, C. Paris, H. Silva Jr., S. Díaz-Tendero, M. Rapacioli, F. Spiegelman, F. Martín
Fr-T1-5 Radiative and collisional parameters in doubly-ionized iron group elements
V. Fivet, P. Quinet, M. Bautista
Fr-T1-6 Critical analysis of transition probabilities for forbidden lines of singly ionized iron
V. Fivet, P. Quinet, T. R. Gull, Henrik Hartman, Manuel A. Bautista
Fr-T1-8 Determination of intrinsic relaxation rates of miniaturized atomic magnetometer cells using optically detected magnetic resonance and the ground-state Hanle effect
T. Scholtes, S. Woetzel, R. IJsselsteijn, V. Schultze, H.-G. Meyer
Fr-T1-9 Formation of Superhydrogenated PAHs and their Role in Interstellar H2 Formation
J. D. Thrower, B. Jørgensen, E. E. Friis, A. Skov, H. Lemaître, P. A. Jensen, A. M. Cassidy, S. Baouche, A. C. Luntz, R. Balog, M. Andersen, B. Hammer, V. Mennella, L. Hornekær
Fr-T1-11 Thermal desorption spectroscopic studies of relevant molecules in Interstellar medium on olivine and single crystal forsterite
T. Suhasaria, N. Heming, R. Frigge, B. Siemer, H. Zacharias
Fr-T3-13 Electron Impact Excitation of the Fe-peak Ions for Use in Astrophysical Modelling
M. F. R. Grieve, C. A. Ramsbottom
Fr-T3-15 Low-energy resonant electron collisions with CO
K. Houfek, M. Formánek, C. Winstead, V. McKoy
Fr-T3-16 Electron collisions with hydrogen - data available for applications
K. Houfek, J. Benda
Fr-T3-18 Vibrational autodetachment of highly excited SF6 - in a cryogenic electrostatic ion beam trap
M. Lange, K. Blaum, S. Das, M. Froese, S. Menk, M. Mukherjee, R. Repnow, R. von Hahn, D. Schwalm, A. Wolf
Fr-T3-20 Formation of H(2s) in Proton - Lithium Inelastic Scattering
M. A. Abdel-Raouf, S. A. Elkilany
Fr-T3-22 Theoretical investigation on electron-NH3 scattering at low and intermediate energy range
G. L. C. de Souza,
Fr-T3-24 Electron impact ionization and dissociation of C2+
P. Defrance, J.J. Jureta, J. Lecointre
Fr-T4-30 Photodetachment thresholds to highly excited states in Na
J. Rohlen, A. O. Lindahl, H. Hultgren, R. D. Thomas, D. Hanstorp
Fr-T4-34 Photo-double-ionisation of He-like and Be-like ions in excited states using an intermediate energy R-matrix approach
M. McIntyre, P. Scott
Fr-T4-36 Fragmentation Dynamics of Doubly Charged Methionine in the Gas Phase
D. T. Ha, Y. Wang, M. Alcamí, E. Itälä, K. Kooser, S. Urpelainen, M. A. Huels, E. Kukk, F. Martín
Fr-T4-37 A new, versatile facility for studying photophysics of ions in the 5 - 200 eV range at ASTRID2
H. Kjeldsen, H. Kjeldsen, H. B. Pedersen, A. Svendsen, S. V. Hoffmann, L. H. Andersen
Fr-T4-38 A new ion-photon reaction setup for ASTRID2
A. Svendsen, L. Lammich, J. E. Andersen, H. K. Bechtold, E. Sondergaard, F. Mikkelsen, H. B. Pedersen
Fr-T4-39 Formation of multiple dressed states in hyperfine level systems of Na
A. Cinins, T. Kirova, N. Bezuglov, M. Bruvelis, K. Miculis, A. Ekers, L. Kalvans, M. Auzinsh, D. K. Efimov, I. I. Ryabtsev
Fr-T5-32 Atomic structure and transition rates using BSR
J. Malmqvist, T. Brage, J. Grumer, J. Li
Fr-T5-35 Atomic calculations of the low-lying states of ions with two valence electrons within the configuration-interaction plus all-order method
E. A. Konovalova, M. G. Kozlov, M. S. Safronova
Fr-T5-36 Relativistic, QED, and finite nuclear mass corrections for low lying states of beryllium
M. Puchalski, K. Pachucki, J. Komasa
Fr-T5-37 Searching the Ir17+ ion electronic structure for transitions extremely sensitive to drifts of the fine-structure constant
A. Windberger, O. O. Versolato, H. Bekker, T. Baumann, C. Beilmann, S. Eberle, Z. Harman, R. Klawitter, M. Kohnen, N. Oreshkina, B. Piest, L. Schmöger, M. Schwarz, J. Stark, J. Ullrich, P. O. Schmidt, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia
Fr-T5-38 VUV spectroscopy of Ir17+ transitions most sensitive to variation of the fine structure constant
H. Bekker, O. O. Versolato, A. Windberger, T. Baumann, Z. Harman, R. Klawitter, N. Oreshkina, J. Stark, J. Ullrich, P. O. Schmidt, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia
Fr-T5-40 Recent progress in source development in the extreme ultraviolet for lithography and water window imaging
G. O'Sullivan, P. Dunne, T. Higashiguchi, T. Otsuka, B. Li, I. Kambali, A. Endo, F. O’Reilly D. Kilbane
Fr-T5-41 Evaluation of line isotope shifts of NbII
S. Bouazza
Fr-T7-2 Temperature Dependence of SF6- Auto-Detachment Rates
H. Rubinstein, S. Menk, Y.Toker, O.Heber, D. Schwalm, D. Zajfman
Fr-T8-32 Clocking ultrafast wave packet dynamics in H2 by using UV pump - UV probe schemes
A. Palacios, A. González-Castrillo, F. Martín
Fr-T8-33 Probing Xenon Double Ionization on the Attosecond Time Scale
M. Gisselbrecht, E. P. Månsson, D. Guénot, C. L. Arnold, D. Kroon, S. Kasper, J. M. Dahlström, E. Lindroth, A. Kheifets, A. L’Huillier, S. L. Sorensen
Fr-T8-34 Shaping polarization of attosecond pulses via laser control of electron and hole dynamics
F. Morales, I. Barth, V. Serbinenko, S. Patchkovskii, O. Smirnova
Fr-T8-35 Ab-initio simulations of strong field processes based on R-matrix theory
D. S. Simoes Brambila, A. Harvey, O. Smirnovacond
Fr-T8-36 The RMT approach to calculate anisotropy parameters for sidebands in two-colour two-photon ionisation of helium
H. F. Rey, L. R. Moore, M. A. Lysaght, J. S. Parker, H. W. van der Hart, K. T. Taylor
Fr-T8-37 Ejected electron momentum spectra for multiphoton ionisation of carbon
H. F. Rey, L. R. Moore, M. A. Lysaght, J. S. Parker, H. W. van der Hart, K. T. Taylor
Fr-T8-38 Unravelling time-resolved photoemission by attosecond streaking
S. Nagele, R. Pazourek, J. Feist, J. Burgdörfer
Fr-T8-40 Electron dynamics in unoccupied states of spatially aligned 7a-Graphene nanoribbons on Au(788)
N. F. Kleimeier, A. Timmer, H. Mönig, X. Feng, K. Müllen, D. Zhong, L. Chi, H. Fuchs, H. Zacharias
Fr-T8-41   Spectral dependence of molecular frame photoemission in dissociative ionization of HD induced by circularly polarized light.
This poster will now be presented on Wednesday Wednesday Poster SessionWe-T8-41.
Fr-T10-13 Bound states of a free electron: The role of the Kramers-Henneberger atom in the higher-order Kerr effect
M. Richter, S. Patchkovskii, F. Morales, O. Smirnova, M. Ivanov
Fr-T10-14 Role of the laser wavelength in the X-ray production for clusters under intense laser pulses
D. Vernhet, M. Comte, O. Gobert, D. Guillaumet, J. Habib, E. Lamour, M. Perdrix, C. Prigent, C. Ramond, J.-P. Rozet, S. Steydli, M. Trassinelli
Fr-T10-15 Theoretical Study of the Inversion Motion of the Ammonia Cation with Subfemtosecond Resolution for High-Harmonic Spectroscopy
J. Forster, Y. V. Vanne, A. Saenz
Fr-T10-16 Molecular dynamics probed via strong-field ionization of state- and isomer-selected molecules fixed in space
S. Trippel, T. Mullins, N. Müller, J. Kienitz, T. Kierspel, D. Horke, Y.-P. Chang, K. Długołęcki, J. Küpper
Fr-T10-17 Negative-continuum contribution to excitation and charge-transfer probabilities in collisions of H-like ions with bare nuclei
I. I. Tupitsyn, A.I. Bondarev, Y.S. Kozhedub, I.A. Maltsev, V.M. Shabaev, G. Plunien
Fr-T10-19 An analytic R-matrix approach to strong field ionization: Coulomb and correlation effects
L. Torlina, M. Ivanov, J. Kaushal, O. Smirnova
Fr-T10-20 Ionization/dissociation of toluene under strong asymmetric two- color laser fields of fs duration
S. Kaziannis, N. Kotsina, E. P. Benis, S. Danakas, C. Kosmidis
Fr-T10-21 Relativistic dynamics for hydrogenlike systems exposed to intense electromagnetic fields
T. Kjellsson, S. Selstø, S. Bræck, E. Lindroth
Fr-T10-22 Consistent theoretical check of the three-step model of high-harmonic generation for sulfur dioxide SO2
A. Magana, S. Petretti, Y. V. Vanne, P. Decleva, A. Saenz
Fr-T10-23 Angle dependence of molecular high harmonic emission in three dimensions
A. Magana, L. S. Spector, S. Petretti, M. Artamonov, S. Miyabe, P. Decleva, T. Martinez, T. Seideman, A. Saenz, M. Guhr, P. H. Bucksbaum
Fr-T12-1 Nanosolvation by acetonitrile and 18-Crown-6 ether induce strongly different effects on the Electron-Capture Induced Dissociation of aromatic tripeptide cations in the gas phase
J.-C. Poully, S. Maclot, J. Rangama, S. Brøndsted Nielsen
Fr-T12-2 Fragmentation of amino acids induced by collisions with low-energy highly charged ions
S. Diaz-Tendero, D.G. Piekarski, S. Maclot, A. Domaracka, L. Adoui, M. Alcamí, P. Rousseau, B.A. Huber, F. Martín
Fr-T12-3 Photo-fragmentation and photo-electron spectroscopy of isolated biochrompohores
Y. Toker, D. B. Rahbek, B. Klærke, H. Kiefer, A. V. Bochenkova, L. H. Andersen
Fr-T12-4 Electron induced reactions in nucleobase/water clusters
M. Neustetter, J. Aysina, S. Zöttl, P. Scheier, S. Denifl
Fr-T12-5 Spatial extent of exciton states in DNA and RNA revealed by circular dichroism
L. Nielsen, S. Vrønning Hoffmann, S. Brøndsted Nielsen
Fr-T12-6 Fragmentation of peptides with electrons and light
C. Skinnerup Byskov, S. Brøndsted Nielsen
Fr-T12-7 Dual photoresponse of isolated biological chromophores
A. Bochenkova, L. H. Andersen
Fr-T12-8 Low energy electron-induced break-up of the tetrahydrofuran molecule: An (e,2e+ion) coincidence study
A. Dorn, X. Ren, T. Pflüger, M. Weyland, W. Yoon Baek, H. Rabus, J. Ullrich
Fr-T12-10 Spin specific electron transmission through helical organic molecules
B. Goehler, M. Kettner, T. Z. Markus, V. Hamelbeck, R. Naaman, H. Zacharias
Fr-T12-11 Photocycle of the photoswitchable fluorescent protein asCP
V. A. Mironov, A. V. Bochenkova, M. G. Khrenova, A. V. Nemukhin
Fr-T14-8 Spontelectrics: a unique form of the solid state
D. Field, A. Cassidy, O. Plekan, R. Balog, N. C. Jones
Fr-T14-10 Large-scale simulations of molecular self-assembly on epitaxial graphene on Ru(0001)
M. Alcami, D. Stradi, C. Díaz, M. Garnica, S. Barja, F. Calleja, N. Martín, A. L. Vázquez de Parga, R. Miranda, F. Martín
Fr-T14-11 Composite spontelectric films: nanostructured polarized molecular solids
A. Cassidy, J. Dunger, O. Plekan, R. Balog, N. C. Jones, D. Field
Fr-T14-12 Spontelectric effect in solid nitrous oxide (N2O): a RAIRS study of dipole alignment
A. Rosu-Finsen, J. Lasne, M. P. Collings, M. R.S. McCoustra, D. Field, A. Cassidy, O. Plekan, J. D. Thrower, R. Balog, N. C. Jones
Fr-T14-15 Thermally controlled patterning of graphene by hydrogen
R. Balog, J. Jørgensen, L. Nilsson, L. Hornekær
Fr-T17-1 A novel experiment for coupling quantum gases to crossed optical cavities
M. Lee, J. Léonard, L. Martin, C. Zosel, T. Esslinger,T. Donner
Fr-T17-2 Matter-Wave Interference in Multicomponent Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensate
M. Witkowski, R. Gartman, B. Nagorny, M. Piotrowski, M. Plodzien, K. Sacha, J. Szczepkowski, J. Zachorowski, M. Zawada, W. Gawlik
Fr-T17-3 Non-destructive Faraday imaging of dynamically controlled ultracold atoms
M. Gajdacz, P. L. Pedersen, T. Mørch, A. J. Hilliard, J. Arlt, J. F. Sherson
Fr-T17-4 Quadrupole interactions in an ultra-cold gas of fermions
A. Pikovski, L. Mathey
Fr-T17-5 Sympathetic cooling of 39K in a hybrid potential
L. J. Wacker, N. Winter, R. Horchani, J. F. Sherson, J. Arlt
Fr-T17-6 Towards single atom manipulation in Superlattices
R. Muller, N.Byg, J. Knoknerytė, R. Heck, M. Bason, J. Arlt, J.F. Sherson
Fr-T17-7 Formation of paramagnetic, polar molecules containing highly open-shell atoms
P. S. Zuchowski,
Fr-T17-8 Semiclassical Description of Intrinsic Photoconductivity of Ultracold Fermions in Optical Lattices
A. P. Itin, J. Heinze, J. S. Krauser, N. Fläschner, B. Hundt, S. Götze, K. Sengstock, C. Becker, L.Mathey
Fr-T18-30 Towards nonlinear optics with cold atoms in a hollow fiber
H. Duncker, O. Hellmig, P. Windpassinger, K.Sengstock
Fr-T18-31 Hyperfine Structure of Laser-Cooling Transitions in Fermionic Erbium-167
I. Tupitsyn, E. Berseneva, S. Kotochigova
Fr-T18-35 Continuous Fountain of Yb atoms
K. Rathod, A. K. Singh, V. Natarajan
Fr-T18-36 Lifetime measurement of the first vibrationally excited state of MgH+ in a cryogenic Paul trap (CryPTEx)
O. O. Versolato, M. Schwarz, A. K. Hansen, A. D. Gingell, A. Windberger, L. Klosowski, J. Ullrich, J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia, F. Jensen, M. Drewsen
Fr-T18-37 Density and phase-space compression of molecular gases in magneto-electrostatic traps
Y. Shagam, E. Narevicius
Fr-T18-38 Electronic radiative transitions in He(1s^2 2^1,3 S)-Ne weakly bound excimers
A. Z. Devdariani, A.K.Belyaev, V.S.Rybak, I.A.Zlatkin
Fr-T19-16 Testing general relativity in space with atomic clocks: ACES mission
C. Guerlin, P. Delva, F. Meynadier, P. Wolf, P. Laurent, S. Reynaud, C. Salomon