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Monday Poster Session

Monday 26th June, 12:30-15:00

Mo-T2-1 Ionization of thymine by electron impact
S. Houamer, S. Nehaoua, C. Dal Cappello
Mo-T2-2 Quantal determination of the mobility of ground and excited C+ ions evolving in a cooled helium gas
M. Bouledroua, L. Aissaoui, K. Alioua
Mo-T2-3 Transfer excitation reactions in fast proton-helium collisions
S. Houamer, M. S. Schöffler, O. Chuluunbaatar, J. Titze, T. Jahnke, L.Ph.H. Schmidt, A. G. Galstyan, Yu. V. Popov
Mo-T2-4 2D momentum distribution of electron in transfer ionization of helium atom by fast proton
S. Houamer, M. S. Schöffler, O. Chuluunbaatar, Yu. V. Popov, J. Titze, T. Jahnke, L.Ph.H. Schmidt, O. Jagutzki, A. G. Galstyan, A. A. Gusev
Mo-T2-5 Electron-Impact Study of ALO+ using the R-Matrix Method
S. Kaur, K. L. Baluja
Mo-T2-7 A collision process leading to the emission of H- ions
E. Lattouf, Z. Juhász, B. Sulik, S.T.S. Kovács, J. Rangama, E. Bene, B. A. Huber, F. Frémont, A. Méry, J.-C. Poully, P. Rousseau, P. Herczku, J.-Y. Chesnel
Mo-T2-9 Modeling electron and energy transfer processes in collisions between ions and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon molecules
H. Zettergren, T. Chen, J. Alexander, B. Forsberg, A.Pettersson, M. Gatchell, H. Cederquist
Mo-T2-10 Electron-impact study of O2+ ion: R-matrix method
J. Singh, K.L. Baluja
Mo-T2-11 Atomic-orbital close-coupling calculations for collisions of highly charged ions with atomic hydrogen
F. Aumayr, A. Veiter, K. Igenbergs, M. Wallerberger
Mo-T4-1 Photoelectron Diffraction on Laser-Aligned Molecules
R. Boll, D. Anielski, C. Bostedt, J. Bozek, L. Christensen, R. Coffee, S. De, P. Decleva, S. Epp, B. Erk, L. Foucar, J. Küpper, A. Rouzee, B. Rudek, A. Rudenko, S. Schorb, H. Stapelfeldt, M. Stener, S. Stern, S. Techert, S. Trippel, J. Ullrich, D. Rolles
Mo-T4-2 Relatelativistic R-matrix calculation photoionization cross section of Xe and Xe@C60
G. O'Sullivan, B. Li, C. Z. Dong
Mo-T4-3 Photoionization of hydrogenlike ions with Bessel beams
O. Matula, A. Hayrapetyan, S. Fritzsche, A. Surzhykov
Mo-T4-4 Absolute photodetachment cross sections of CN- and C3N-
S. Sunil Kumar, W. D. Geppert, D. Hauser, T. Best, R. Wester
Mo-T4-5 Bessel beams of laser-driven two-level atoms
A. G. Hayrapetyan, O. Matula, A. Surzhykov, S. Fritzsche
Mo-T4-6 Photolysis of the water radical ion H2O+ in the XUV studied with the free-electron laser FLASH
H. B. Pedersen, C. Domesle, L. Lammich, S. Dziarzhytski, N. Guerassimova, R. Treusch, L. S. Harbo, O. Heber, T. Arion, M. Förstel, U. Hergenhahn, M. Stier, A. Wolf
Mo-T4-7 Competitive Bond Rupture in Photodissociation of Bromoacetyl Chloride, 2- and 3-bromopropionyl Chlorides: Adiabatic versus Diabatic Dissociation
K. C. Lin, M.-Y. Hsu, P.-Y. Tsai, Z.-R. Wei, M.-H. Chao, B. Zhang, T. Kasai
Mo-T4-8 Single and double electron photodetachment from the oxygen anion at 41.7 nm
L. S. Harbo, A. Becker, S. Dziarzhytski, C. Domesle, N. Guerassimova, A. Wolf, H. B. Pedersen
Mo-T4-9 Resonance-Enhanced X-ray Multiple Ionization of Heavy Atoms at LCLS Studied by Covariance Mapping
B. Erk, D. Rolles, B. Rudek, L. Foucar, S. Epp, S.-K. Son, C.Bostedt, S. Schorb, R. Coffee, J.Bozek, R. Hartmann, L. Strüder, P. Holl, H. Soltau, G. Hauser, G. Weidenspointner, R. Moshammer, T. Marchenko, M. Simon, R. Santra, A. Rudenko, J.Ullrich
Mo-T4-10 Light-induced adsorption on dielectric surfaces of alkali atoms from a thermal vapour
T. Passerat de Silans, W. S. Martins, T. Passerat de Silans, M. Oriá, M. Chevrollier
Mo-T5-1 The effect of experimental geometry and initial population of the fine-structure levels of thallium atoms and alkali atoms on the shape of coherent population trapping resonances and magnetooptical rotation of the plane of polarization
T. Karagodova,
Mo-T5-2 Multipole radiation of oriented and aligned atoms
M. Ya. Agre,
Mo-T5-4 Photodetachment microscopy of tin
C. Blondel, M. Vandevraye, C. Drag
Mo-T5-5 Orbital swelling, breathing, fusion, fission and re-ordering in atoms under penetrable confinement
V. K. Dolmatov,
Mo-T5-6 Forbidden and Unexpected Transitions in Atomic Ions
J. Li, T. Brage, J. Grumer, P. Jönsson, Y. Yang, W. Li, Z. Fei, M. Andersson, R. Hutton, Y. Zou
Mo-T5-7 Spectroscopy of 5D_3/2 and 5D_5/2 levels of ultracold rubidium atoms in an external electric field.
S. Snigirev, A. Golovizin, A. Akimov, N. Kolachevsky, V. Sorokin
Mo-T5-8 High-Resolution, Mass-Selective Spectroscopy in a Supersonic Jet Between 1-14 Terahertz: Rydberg Spectroscopy of Xe Atom
C. Haase, J. A. Agner, F. Merkt
Mo-T5-10 Femtosecond laser enhanced thermionic emission in barium vapor
G. Pichler, Y. Makdisi, J. Kokaj, K. Afrousheh, J. Mathew, R. Nair
Mo-T6-1 The Structure of Carbohydrate-Aromatic Complexes Investigated by Broadband Microwave Spectroscopy
T. Betz, S. Zinn, D. Schmitz, V. A. Shubert, M. Schnell
Mo-T6-2 Experimental study of the 4^1(PI) state in KCs molecule
P. Kowalczyk, J. Szczepkowski, A. Grochola, W. Jastrzebski
Mo-T6-3 Weakly bound 87Rb2(5s1/2+ 5p1/2)1g molecule: hyperfine interaction and improved LeRoy-Bernstein analysis
L. Pruvost, H. Jelassi
Mo-T6-4 Spectroscopic Studies of 5d_3/2_nd ^1D_0,2 Autoionization Lines of Barium under Collision with Rare Gases
G. Pichler, K. Afrousheh, M. Marafi, Y. Makdisi, J. Kokaj, J. Mathew, R. Nair
Mo-T6-5 Photoelectron Circular Dichroism of Chiral Molecules from Multi Photon Ionization with Femtosecond Laser Pulses: Intensity and Ellipticity studies
C. Lux, V. Brandenstein, J. Köhler, C. Sarpe, M. Wollenhaupt, T. Baumert
Mo-T6-6 Photoelectron Circular Dichroism in the Above-Threshold-Ionization of Bicyclic Ketones observed via Femtosecond Laser Ionization
T. Ring, C. Lux, V. Brandenstein, J. Köhler, C. Sarpe, M. Wollenhaupt, T. Baumert
Mo-T6-7 Rotational structures in excitation spectra of the B^3 1(5^3 P_1) T. Urbanczyk, J. Koperski
Mo-T6-8 New satellite bands in RbCs molecule
G. Pichler, M. Rakic, S. Vdovic
Mo-T6-9 On the role of a single solvent molecule on the charge-transfer band of donor-acceptor anion
J. Houmøller, K. Støchkel, S. Brøndsted Nielsen, M. Wanko, A. Rubio
Mo-T6-10 Vibrationally resolved molecular frame photoelectron angular distributions of diatomic and polyatomic molecules
E. Plesiat, P. Decleva, F. Martín
Mo-T6-11 Theoretical study of non-adiabatic coupling among KRb low-lying states
A. A. Medvedev, E.A.Pazyuk, A.V.Stolyarov
Mo-T7-1 Dynamics of open quantum systems: Electron transfer in a mixed-valence compound
A. Chenel, A. de la Lande, C. Meier, M. Desouter-Lecomte
Mo-T7-3 Diffusion of a single H atom in the tungsten bulk
S. Morisset, A. Allouche
Mo-T7-4 Dynamics of the reaction between fluoride and various organochlorines
E. Carrascosa, A.H. Kelkar, M. Stei, T. Best, R. Wester
Mo-T7-5 Imaging of nodal planes of vibrational wavefunctions and nonadiabatic coupling
P. C. Fechner, H. Helm
Mo-T7-6 Symmetry Breaking in the Core-Level Photoionization of N2
D. Metz, J. Lower, F. Trinter, H. Sann, J. Titze, M. Schöffler, T. Jahnke, L. Ph. H. Schmidt, S. Ricz, S. Schippers, T. Buhr, K. Holste, A. Borovik Jr., J. Hellhund, H.-J. Schäfer, D. Schury, A. Müller, S. Klumpp, K. Mertens, M. Martins, R. Flesch, G. Ulrich, E. R
Mo-T8-1 Intracycle diffraction in atomic ionization by short-laser pulses: The time grating
D. G. Arbo, K. L. Ishikawa, X. Xie, M. Kitzler, S. Gräfe, J. Burgdörfer
Mo-T8-2 Atomic ionization by short laser pulses: Coulomb-Volkov method with distortion in the initial and final channel
D. G. Arbo, M. Silvia Gravielle, J. E. Miraglia, M. F. Ciappina
Mo-T8-3 Time delay in atomic photoionization with circularly polarized light
I. A. Ivanov, A. S. Kheifets
Mo-T8-4 Atto-second time-delay in single and double photoionization of noble gas atoms
I. A. Ivanov, A. S. Kheifets
Mo-T8-5 High-order harmonic generation from field-distorted orbitals
M. D. Spiewanowski, A. Etches, L. Bojer Madsen
Mo-T8-6 First-order correction terms in the weak-field asymptotic theory of tunneling ionization
L. B. Madsen, V.H. Trinh, O.I. Tolstikhin, T. Morishita
Mo-T8-7 Fragmentation Dynamics of Small Molecules upon Multiple Ionization by X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Pulses
B. Erk, D. Rolles, L. Foucar, R. Boll, D. Anielski, B. Rudek, S. W. Epp, M. Cryle, C. Bostedt, R. Coffee, S. Schorb, J. Bozek, T. Marchenko, M. Simon, S. Trippel, J. Küpper, K. Ueda, R. Moshammer, I. Schlichting, J. Ullrich, A. Rudenko
Mo-T8-8 Field-assisted post-collision interaction during Auger decay of atoms
S. Bauch, M. Bonitz
Mo-T8-9 Time-dependent restricted-active-space self-consistent field theory for laser-driven electron dynamics
H. Miyagi, L. B. Madsen
Mo-T8-10 Attosecond Larmor Clock
J. Kaushal, O. Smirnova
Mo-T8-11 Feynman-like diagrams in attosecond science: double excitations and final state correlation
J. M. Dahlstrom, T. Carette, E. Lindroth
Mo-T9-1 Dynamics and control of open quantum systems: The example of a Cope rearrangement
A. Chenel, G. Dive, C. Meier, M. Desouter-Lecomte
Mo-T9-2 Non-adiabatic quantum state control in few-well few-atom systems
M. C. Tichy, M. K. Pedersen, K. Mølmer, J. F. Sherson
Mo-T9-3 Charge oscillation controlled molecular excitation
C. Lux, H. Braun, T. Bayer, C. Sarpe, R. Siemering, P. von den Hoff, R. de Vivie Riedle, T. Baumert, M. Wollenhaupt
Mo-T9-4 Interaction of N2O molecules with asymmetric fs laser field
N. Kotsina, S. Kaziannis, S. Danakas, C. Kosmidis
Mo-T9-5 Slow/Fast-Light Scheme for achieving propagation at “true” c-velocity for an optical pulse
F. Tommasi, E.Ignesti, L.Fini, S.Cavalieri
Mo-T9-6 Control of the dispersion properties of the optically dense medium with closed contour of excitation
K. A. Barantsev, A. N. Litvinov
Mo-T9-7 Quantum control of non-adiabatic photodissociation : application to CO^{2+}
S. Vranckx, M. Desouter-Lecomte, N. Vaeck
Mo-T9-8 Nuclear spin selective control of molecular motion
M. Leibscher, T. Grohmann, C. Eyles, J. Floss
Mo-T9-9 Electromagnetically induced transparency with different profile of the laser beam – case study with Rb buffer gas cell
B. V. Zlatkovic, S. N. Nikolic, M. Radonjic, A. J. Krmpot, N. M. Lucic, B. M. Jelenkovic
Mo-T9-10 Many-mode Floquet technique for two component superluminal light
A. Cinins, J. Ruseckas, V. Kudriašov, G. Juzeli?nas, M. Bruvelis, N. Bezuglov, A. Ekers
Mo-T13-2 Stacked structure model for stability of doubly charged clusters of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon molecules
A. Ichimura, M. Nakamura
Mo-T13-3 Morphologies of Ag clusters grown in superfluid helium nanodroplets
P. Thaler, A. Volk, M. Koch, E. Fisslthaler, W. Grogger, W. E. Ernst
Mo-T13-5 Delayed photodetachment of fullerene anions
B. Concina, F. Lépine, C. Bordas
Mo-T13-6 Experimental studies of the formation of cluster ions formed by corona discharge in an atmosphere containing SO2, NH3 and H2O
P. Hvelplund, J. O. Pepke Pedersen, K. Støchkel, M. B. Enghoff, T. Kurtén
Mo-T13-7 A cryogenic electrostatic ion storage ring at RIKEN
T. Azuma, Y. Enomoto, T. Masunaga, Y. Nakano
Mo-T13-8 Dynamic chirality and structure of Ar and He tetramers studied by Coulomb explosion imaging
M. Kunitski, M. S. Schöffler, M. Pitzer, J. Voigtsberger, A. Kalinin, T. Jahnke, L. Ph. H. Schmidt, H. Schmidt-Böcking, R. Dörner
Mo-T13-9 Optical manifestation of surface plasmons of bimetallic nanoparticles
F. Perez-Rodriguez, B. S. Martinez-Aguila, A. L. Gonzalez
Mo-T18-1 Suppression of Majorana Spin-Flip Losses in a Zeeman Decelerator
K. Dulitz, M. Motsch, N. Vanhaecke, T. P. Softley
Mo-T18-2 Sisyphus Cooling of Electrically Trapped Polyatomic Molecules
A. Prehn, B. G.U. Englert, R. Glöckner, M. Ibrügger, M. Zeppenfeld, G. Rempe
Mo-T18-3 Theory of long-range photoassociation of ultracold atoms with ultracold molecules
O. Dulieu, J. Pérez-Ríos, M. Lepers
Mo-T18-4 Creating NOON states in a free oscillation atom interferometer
T. Fogarty, A. Kiely, S. Campbell, T. Busch
Mo-T18-5 Near-resonant light scattering by small clouds containing a few cold atoms
R. Bourgain, J. Pellegrino, S. Jennewein, Y. R.P Sortais, A. Browaeys
Mo-T18-6 Cold, Magnetically-Trapped Bromine Atoms
J. Lam, W. Doherty, C. Rennick, T. Softley
Mo-T18-7 Static trapping of molecules in a traveling wave decelerator
T. E. Wall, M. Quintero-Pérez, P. Jansen, J. E. van den Berg, S. Hoekstra, H.L. Bethlem
Mo-T18-8 Collisional cooling of trapped Rb+ ions by Rb MOT
S. Lee, K. Ravi, A. Sharma, G. Werth, S.A. Rangwala
Mo-T19-1 Matter wave interferometry with clusters in the time-domain
P. Geyer, N. Dörre, P. Haslinger, J. Rodewald, S. Nimmrichter, M. Arndt
Mo-T19-2 Nuclear and QED corrections to the g factor of hydrogenic ions
J. Zatorski, Z. Harman, C. H. Keitel
Mo-T19-3 Probing van der Waals interactions with single molecule resolution far-field interferometry
M. Sclafani, T. Juffmann, C. Knobloch, J. Fiedler, S. Scheel, O. Cheshnovsky, M. Arndt
Mo-T19-5 Towards a 3H/3He Mass-Ratio Measurement with THe-Trap
J. Ketter, T. Eronen, M. Höcker, S. Streubel, R. S. van Dyck, Jr., K. Blaum
Mo-T19-6 Light Shifts in a single trapped Ra+ ion
A. Mohanty, E. A. Dijck, M. Nuñez Portela, O. Böll, K. Jungmann, C.J.G. Onderwater, R.G.E. Timmermans, L. Willmann, H.W. Wilschut
Mo-T19-7 A trapped atom interferometer for the measurement of short range forces
B. Pelle, A. Hilico, M.-K. Zhou, Q. Beaufils, G. Tackmann, F. Pereira dos Santos
Mo-T19-8 The high-precision Penning trap mass spectrometer PENTATRAP
A. Dorr, H. Bekker, K.Blaum, Ch. Böhm, J.R. Crespo López-Urrutia, S. Eliseev, M. Goncharov, C. Hökel-Schmöger, Yu.N. Novikov, J. Repp, C. Roux, S. Sturm, S. Ulmer
Mo-T19-9 Bayesian parameter inference from continuously monitored quantum systems
S. Gammelmark, K. Mølmer
Mo-T19-10 Demonstration of the Experimental Scheme to Measure the Parity Violating Energy Difference (DELTA)_PV E in Chiral Molecules
G. Seyfang, P. Dietiker, E. Milogyadov, M. Quack, A. Schneider
Mo-T19-11 Reanalysis of the odd configuration system of scandium atom
J. Dembczynski, M.Elantkowska, J.Ruczkowski
Mo-T19-12 Mass Effects on the Entanglement Features of an Exactly Soluble Quantum Few-Body System
P. A. Bouvrie Morales, A.P. Majtey, M.C. Tichy, J.S. Dehesa, A.R. Plastino