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Session Topics

T01: Atomic and molecular astrophysics
T02: Atomic and molecular collisions
T03: Electron collisions
T04: Photon induced processes
T05: Atomic spectroscopy
T06: Molecular spectroscopy
T07: Molecular reaction dynamics
T08: Ultrafast dynamics and attosecond physics
T09: Coherent control
T10: Strong fields
T11: Highly charged ions
T12: Biomolecules
T13: Clusters and nanoparticles
T14: Surface reaction dynamics and self-assembly
T15: Rydberg atoms and ultra-cold plasmas
T16: Atom interferometry and atomic clocks
T17: Degenerate quantum gases
T18: Cold ions, atoms and molecules
T19: Fundamental physics, precision measurements and metrology
T20: Quantum information and cavity QED